Integrating MSecurity with Your E-Commerce Platform

Integrating MSecurity with Your E-Commerce Platform

2 weeks ago - Updated

Integrate MSecurity products into your e-commerce platform to start selling and earning commissions. Here’s how to integrate with popular platforms:

  1. WordPress (WooCommerce):

    • Install the Plugin: Download the MSecurity WordPress Plugin and upload it to your site.
    • Activate the Plugin: Go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plugins section, and activate the MSecurity plugin.
    • Configure Settings: Enter your API keys, set the commission percentage, and import products.
  2. WHMCS:

    • Install the Module: Download the MSecurity WHMCS module and upload it to the relevant directories.
    • Activate the Addon: Log in to your WHMCS admin area, go to Setup > Addon Modules, and activate MSecurity.
    • Configure Products: Create a product group, add new products, and import MSecurity products using the addon settings.

Integrating MSecurity ensures a seamless experience for your customers and maximizes your earning potential.